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Overview of the flexible and comprehensive EUROIMMUN IIFT Solutions

Special Offer on TransFix/EDTA Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes

TransFix stabilises leukocytic antigens in human blood for up to 10 days, ready for flow cytometric testing for leukaemia diagnoses, immune monitoring and immunohaematology screening.

Transfix is available in Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes containing EDTA for the immediate stabilisation of cellular antigens upon venepuncture. Transfix is also available in a number of other formats, such as TransFix/EDTA CSF Sample Storage Tubes for the stabilisation of cerebrospinal fluid, TransFix Sample Storage Tubes and TransFix Reagent.

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Serological diagnosis of Zika Virus infections


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PLA2R : plus d'informations sur

MicroArray HPV


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EUROLine & EUROLineScan


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Anti DFS70 in ANA



Tropical Emerging Diseases




Fully automated processing of EUROLine and EUROLine-Western Blots - 
From sample recognition to final result


EUROArray: microarrays pour le diagnostic standardisé



EUROLabOffice/EUROPattern suite; le système automatisé d’EUROIMMUN pour l’interprétation des images HEp-2010






Overview immunoblots EUROIMMUN

ANCA Diagnostics at a glance


Autoantibodies against epidermal basement membrane (BP180 and 230) and against desmosomes (desmoglein 1 and 3)

A new recombinant designer antigen for autoantibody diagnostics in patients with bullous pemphigoid has been developed in a collaboration involving a substantial contribution from EUROIMMUN researchers. The new protein is much better suited for diagnostic purposes than the natural version. From the huge BP180 molecule it contains only the pathogenetically relevant target structure – the NC16A domain, and this as a tetramer (NC16A-4X*). On the basis of this antigenic work of art an extremely efficient ELISA test system has been developed, which exhibits a sensitivity of 90% (!) (specificity 98%!) and detects 100% of patients with gestational pemphigoid. If autoantibodies against BP230 are additionally determined, 93% of patients with bullous pemphigoid can be identified serologically.

Anti-Borrelia EUROLINE-RN-AT

A line blot using recombinant and native authentic Borrelia antigens. Broad antigen spectrum. A new alternative!

EUROBlotMaster for automated incubation


Anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis

Recombinant immunofluorescence test for determination of antibodies against glutamate receptors

Anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis is a severe encephalopathic autoimmune disease, which affects mainly young women with ovarian teratoma, but also women without tumours, men and children. First described in 2007, it is a currently still widely underdiagnosed disease entity (J. Dalmau et al., 2008, Lancet Neurol 7(12): 1091-1098).

Anti-PR3-hn-hr ELISA

New Standard in the Diagnosis of Wegener’s Granulomatosis: The EUROIMMUN Anti-PR3-hn-hr ELISA