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TRANSFIX® - a Cellular Antigen Stabilisation Reagent

TransFix is a CE marked cellular antigen stabilisation reagent that preserves leucocytes and leucocytic antigens in human peripheral blood for flow cytometric analysis. Samples treated with TransFix are stabilised for up to 10 days when stored at 2-25°C, and for 4 days at temperatures between 25-37°C. As a result, samples treated with TransFix can be analysed at a more convenient time for the operator.

The intended use of TransFix is for immunophenotyping; when added to samples at the point of collection, TransFix immediately stabilises leukocytes for up to 10 days, providing flexibility in analysis. For human whole blood samples, Cytomark routinely QC test that the immunophenotypic profile is maintained for 10 days for cells with markers: CD3, CD4, CD8, CD16, CD19, CD45 and CD56.

Stabilisation of cerebrospinal fluid is also possible using Cytomark's TransFix/EDTA CSF Sample Storage Tubes, which have been developed in collaboration with oncologists specifically for this purpose. Independent research has also been published on the stabilisation of bone marrow samples using the TransFix reagent.

Features and Benefits of TransFix

Stabilises cell surface antigens for a minimum of 10 days at 2-25°C and for 4 days at 37°C
Easy to use, just add TransFix and mix by inversion
Ensures sample integrity during transportation between clinical sites
Eliminates the need for weekend and evening work
Reduces the impact of unexpected machine breakdown or staff shortages
Allows for repeat testing of samples without the need for patient recall and repeat phlebotomy
Greater efficiency in testing - allows for batching of samples prior to testing
Reduction in costs associated with the above advantages

TransFix/EDTA Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes - CE

TransFix/EDTA Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes are plastic, direct draw collection tubes used to stabilise venous blood at the point of collection and preserve whole blood specimens for immunophenotyping by flow cytometry. 

Tubes are available in 3ml or 9ml sizes. Each tube is prefilled with sufficient TransFix containing K3EDTA for the stabilisation of 3ml or 9ml of blood, respectively. TransFix/EDTA Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes are available in pack sizes of 2 or 50 tubes. 

TransFix/EDTA CSF Sample Storage Tubes - RUO

TransFix/EDTA CSF Sample Storage Tubes consist of 5ml screw cap tubes containing 0.2ml of TransFix/EDTA, which can be used to stabilise up to 5ml of CSF. These tubes are available in packs of 2, 10, 25 and 50.

TransFix/ EDTA CSF Sample Storage Tubes have been developed in collaboration with leading research oncologists and are
optimised specifically for the stabilisation of cerebrospinal fluid. Whilst this product is currently marked as a RUO product, there are a number of papers that have referenced the use of TransFix for CSF stabilisation in a clinical setting. Please contact us for further details.

More information :

Easy to use TransFix® Single Use Blood Sample Tubes

TransFix Sample Storage Tubes

TransFix Sample Storage Tubes consist of 1.2ml tubes containing 0.2ml of TransFix. These tubes do not contain an anti-coagulant.

TransFix® Bulk

TransFix® is also provided in bulk for addition to blood collection tubes.

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