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Waterven 11
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Being highly experienced, Geert Masschelein established the company Biognost on January, 1st 1993.  The company building is currently located in the industrial area ‘Waterven’ in Heule, near Kortrijk.

Biognost is responsible for the marketing and distribution of immunological products with applications within the biotechnology, the clinical biology and the food biology.

Since evolution in science is growing significantly, it has become highly important not only to have excellent suppliers with good and decent products, but also to be able to pass on scientific knowledge towards customers.  Hands-on trainings and support on the use of reagents and instruments have become indispensable.

Biognost consists of three departments: Clinical Biology, Biotechnology and Food Biology.

Clinical Biology

Biognost is a market leader in autoimmunity, allergy and infectious serology.  The actual expertise and developments within these fields result in a better and faster diagnosis, e.g.  with the introduction of confirmation tests and new detection methods. For these Biognost is supplying excellent support, training and counselling towards the clinical labs.

For the detection of autoimmune diseases, Biognost is offering a complete product portfolio consisting of Indirect Immunofluorescence tests for screening, confirmation tests like the ‘Enzyme-Linked ImmunoSorbent Assay’ (microplate ELISA) and  innovative products as Immunodot and Westernblot assays.  These products for autoimmunity are partly unique.

The DSX, the DS2, EuroAnalyzer I and 2P are well-known processors for the automated handling of ELISA’s in both the field of the autoimmunity and the infectious serology. These processors listed are adapted to the large portfolio of ELISA test kits, resulting in a minimal number of actions for completing a test.


Monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies are available, in collaboration with research centres and the pharmaceutical industry.  These antibodies stimulate the progress in research areas such as angiogenesis, neurobiology, apoptosis, signal transduction, cell adhesion, cancer biology and cell biology.  Specific antibodies can be engineered and developed upon request.

A specific range of recombinant proteins and antibodies is available for use in research centres specialised in virology.

Finally, laboratories specialised in molecular biology are supplied with a very complete range of nucleic acid extraction kits, real-time PCR kits and instruments.

Food biology

The food industry is a highly potential market.  Actually, the need for control is growing rapidly in this sector.  Biognost is supporting these companies by supplying high-tech products which are simple, accurate and fast.

These tests play an important role when HACCP-plans, in which prevention is the key word, are set up

The product range consists of tests for the detection of mycotoxins, residues, pathogen organisms, food allergens, GMO’s and rapid hygiene tests (ATP).

Rapid hygiene tests allow companies to systematically monitor the critical points within production lines by providing them with understandable and instant information on the cleanliness.   Rapid hygiene tests match perfectly within the ISO 9008 and HACCP programs.

Rapid hygiene tests are used to identify on short term the bottle necks and allow companies to optimize their cleaning procedures and consequently identify the training needs of the cleaning staff.